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Warner Park Recovery Center is a mental health and substance abuse treatment center in Woodland Hills, CA. Our central location in the San Fernando Valley makes it easy to access our program. Explore our location – where recovery and healing happen every. single. day.

Woodland Hills Addiction Treatment Center

We understand. We have been in your position. Our staff has extensive experience treating mental health and substance abuse for years. Let Warner Park Recovery Center help you overcome the issues causing problems in your life.

Warner Park blog

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If you or anyone you know is dealing with issues around mental health or addiction, contact us for a full evaluation and treatment options.  We understand that it is not a process that any individual should tackle alone, and that is why we have a team of qualified personnel who are available to offer you the help you need.

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Based on your test results we are sending you this notification in order to better assist you. Please feel free to reach out with no strings attached and speak with one of our live representatives today.