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Addiction Treatment & Mental Health Center in Woodland Hills.

Award Winning with over 95% client program completion rate.

Addiction Treatment Center & Mental Health Facility in Woodland Hills.

Over 95% client program completion rate.

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Compassionate Personalized Treatment

Our personalized care includes a complete diagnostic assessment, from which our treatment team will formulate and coordinate your individualized treatment plan based on your immediate needs. Our highly skilled and compassionate staff members understand the emotional pain felt by clients and their families. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of care for your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.
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Warner Park Recovery Center is a mental health and substance abuse treatment provider in Woodland Hills, CA that offers a comprehensive, personalized program for each client who walks through our doors. Our goal is to change the conversation regarding mental illness and addiction. By offering a program that is truly individualized we are able to provide clients with the tools and treatment needed for long-term recovery.


Understanding how treatment works can be confusing. Warner Park Recovery Center wants to make things easy. We offer PHP partial hospitalization, IOP intensive outpatient, outpatient, and individual therapy services at our beautiful location at the Warner Center in Woodland Hills, CA.

Each of these levels of care offers a specific schedule that allows our clients to work on their issues and also continue participating in their daily lives. We understand the unique nature of both mental illness and substance abuse, and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. At our program we uniquely craft different treatment plans for each client, so you can trust your experience is unique to your needs. Learn more about our treatment services and how Warner Park Recovery is here for you.

The Joint Commission Grants Warner Park Recovery

the Gold Seal of Quality Care

Warner Park Recovery is accredited by The Joint Commission. We have passed all safety and health requirements to ensure the highest level of care available and are honored to hold this highly respectable accreditation.

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Recovery Awaits You

Stop letting addiction and/or mental illness control your life. From relationships, to work, to schooling and legal issues – substance abuse and mental illness can cause chaos in your daily life. Take back control today. Healing is possible. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. Addiction is a disease. Recovery from both is possible. Let us help you find your way.

It's Time To Treat Yourself

Dr. Phil endorses Warner Park Recovery Center on the show’s website as a trusted mental health and substance abuse outpatient treatment resource, which has provided help to many guests of his show.

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to start your recovery today.

Loved By The Community

Charlene Simpson
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I have known the Warner Park family since the day they opened, and this group of treatment professionals is among the best in the business. The therapists and staff have worked there for years, at Warner Park you don't see the kind of staff turnover that occurs at other treatment centers. This demonstrates the cultivating and nurturing environment that they have created for their clients and it shows how well the owner relates to his team. I highly recommend Warner Park and I would send my own family member to this incredible treatment center.
marthias .gyamfi
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Warner Park is a great place and people actually care about you here. My favorite therapists are Dr. Kim and Sherri. They always gets me to change my way of thinking and gives me positive feedback. Mikey is crazy but he’s good too. I love when he says I’m just going through this life looking for a feeling which is exactly how I’ve been feeling my whole life. Zack is a great case manager and will do anything he can to help and is also very patient and eager.
Aaron Kastner
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Warner Park Recovery has been not only a huge part of my recovery. I would Highly recommend Warner Park to all of my closest friends and family. Warner is well managed, operated, staffed. They are organized and there for you every step of your journey. The staff at warner make you feel welcome, safe, and accepted. Great Staff, Great Facility, Highly recommended. A+++

We Care

Based on your test results we are sending you this notification in order to better assist you. Please feel free to reach out with no strings attached and speak with one of our live representatives today. 

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