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Our personalized care includes a complete diagnostic assessment, from which our treatment team will formulate and coordinate your individualized treatment plan based on your immediate needs.

Our highly skilled and compassionate staff members understand the emotional pain felt by clients and their families. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of care for your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.


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our philosophy

At Warner Park Recovery Center we aim to provide our clientele with treatment services that are reflective of the varied nature of problems they experience. Our individual and group therapists were selected with diversity in mind, providing clients with a variety of treatment modalities, and perspectives. WPRC believes that there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ treatment, and we strive to constantly assess and improve our methods with input from our clients and the community at large. We believe in working with our clients in order to provide them with a quality experience that will foster lasting stability and recovery.

We believe in maintaining a principled and ethical environment. Our staff is asked to lead by example, and provide an environment based on equality of experience. WPRC’s goal is to establish a community founded upon trust, honesty, and action so that we may set the bar in terms of quality and experience.

mental health

Let’s redefine what we mean when we say mental health. No longer should a person feel stigmatized for taking care of mental illness.

substance abuse

Together we can make a difference. It is going to take everyone in a community to overcome the epidemic of addiction in the United States today.

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our experts
in mental health

  • GENA KOPYTOV CEO/Program Director
  • ROBERT OBERLANDER Director of Operations
  • NATALIE MARTIN, MA, CATC III Director of Outreach
  • GABRIELLE MAIA Admissions Coordinator
  • GRANT OTA Client Advocate
  • Samantha Blake, RADT
    Samantha Blake, RADT Client Advocate
    DR. RICHARD SANDOR Psychiatrist
  • LARISA KRICHEVSKY, LMFT Clinical Director
  • WENDY ROEHR, LMFT Primary Therapist
  • SHAWN WILSON, LMFT Primary Therapist
  • Megan Stevens, LMFT
    Megan Stevens, LMFT Primary Therapist
  • Marti Kartalian, RADT-1
    Marti Kartalian, RADT-1 Group Facilitator
  • ZACK D., MA Case Manager
  • REBECCA GREENOUGH, CADC Group Facilitator
  • ALLA POBERESKY, MA Group Facilitator
  • Marcos Guillen, CADC-CAS
    Marcos Guillen, CADC-CAS Group Facilitator
  • Samantha Palmatier, RADT
    Samantha Palmatier, RADT Group Facilitator
  • DR. PEPPER Director of Emotional Support

new life. new future.

Why Warner Park Recovery Center?

We won’t say we are the best program out there, but we do believe we are the best program for you. We believe in changing the way we treat mental illness + addiction through compassionate and individualized programming. So why choose Warner Park Recovery Center? Why not? What else do you have to lose?

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