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Welcome to a haven where relationships flourish and connections are revitalized – Warner Park Recovery’s Marriage Counseling Therapy. Our skilled therapists specialize in guiding couples through the intricate dance of partnership, fostering open communication, understanding, and a renewed sense of togetherness. At Warner Park Recovery, we recognize that every relationship is unique, and our dedicated experts are committed to providing tailored guidance to help you navigate challenges and rediscover the joy of a harmonious and fulfilling partnership. Take the first step towards a stronger, more resilient relationship with Warner Park Recovery’s Marriage Counseling Therapy.

Get To Know Our Marriage & Family Therapists

Tomer Zilbershtein, AMFT

Primary Therapist

Athai Ramirez, AMFT

Primary Therapist

Shonta Price, AMFT

Primary Therapist

Wendi Mathews, AMFT

Primary Therapist

Mehrnaz Ravanbakhsh, AMFT

Primary Therapist

Isaias Narvaez, AMFT

Primary Therapist


Enhanced Communication: Learn effective communication skills to express thoughts, feelings, and needs, fostering better understanding between partners.

Conflict Resolution: Acquire tools to navigate conflicts constructively, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and connection.

Improved Intimacy: Rediscover emotional and physical intimacy through guidance on deepening emotional connections and addressing intimacy issues.

Personal Growth: Marriage counseling encourages individual self-awareness and personal development, contributing to a stronger and more fulfilled partnership.

Healthy Coping Mechanisms: Develop coping strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and other life challenges, promoting resilience within the relationship.

Conflict Prevention: Proactively address underlying issues to prevent recurring conflicts, creating a foundation for a more harmonious and stable relationship.

Rekindled Romance: Reignite the spark in your relationship by exploring and rediscovering shared interests, passions, and the joy of being together.

Better Understanding: Gain insight into each other’s perspectives, backgrounds, and needs, fostering empathy and a deeper connection.

Strategic Goal Setting: Collaboratively set and work towards relationship goals, creating a roadmap for shared aspirations and future plans.

Professional Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of trained marriage counselors who provide objective insights and tools to navigate challenges, facilitating positive change.

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