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Addiction refers to substance abuse that someone is not able to control. In most cases, the person is aware that they are harming themselves but they find that they are powerless against the pull of the addictive substance. The range of addiction is broad and does not only refer to drugs or alcohol. Some people are addicted to physical activities, gambling, working, eating, among others.

The path that leads to addiction is a slippery slope. Many people will take substances out of curiosity, but this can involve using the substances over and over again until it results in addiction.

There are many neurological explanations behind why people are unable to have control over the urge to use addictive substances. It also explains why many individuals go back to using drugs even after seeking and completing an addiction treatment program.

It is essential to realize that there is a distinction between addiction and overuse. Overuse refers to the excessive use of substances without necessarily leading to addiction. For instance, one may binge drink, but be able to keep away from alcohol over consecutive days.

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