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What Is Intensive Outpatient?

How To Tell If PHP Is Right For You?

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IOP treatment balances intense addiction treatment and support with the client’s need to participate in and meaningfully engage with the rest of their world. It is more cost effective than residential treatment or Partial Hospitalization Programming (PHP) and allows clients to begin applying new methods and improved mindsets in their daily lives immediately, while still anchored in a safe, structured environment throughout the week.

An Intensive Outpatient Program can be the client’s primary form of treatment or a transition down from inpatient or PHP alternatives. They spend committed time on site each day but may maintain a regular work schedule, keep up with family activities, and otherwise enjoy life outside of treatment. Most importantly to many, they sleep in their own bed each night.

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The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), conducted by a branch of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, reports that in 2016, over 20 million people aged 12 or older struggled with a substance abuse disorder. That translates to nearly 1 in 13 American teenagers and adults, of which only about 10% received appropriate treatment at a specialty facility like Warner Park. The statistics are even grimmer for young adults 18 – 25. When opiates, prescription drugs, marijuana, alcohol, or any other substance has taken too much control of your life, we want to help you get that control back. You are better than statistics.

We accept all POS and PPO insurances and our expert staff is ready to guide you through getting started on a healthier, happier life. Call us at (866) 623-6905 any weekday between 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. or visit our Contacts page to reach out any time, day or night, and let us know when and how to best reach you.

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Programs We Offer


Partial Hospitalization Program
Partial Hospitalization Program PHP serves as a transitional phase of treatment. PHP is primarily designed to help bridge the gap between the inpatient and outpatient phases of treatment. PHP treatment provides a level of therapeutic support which is similar in scope to the inpatient setting.


Outpatient Treatment
OP treatment is the final phase in an outpatient setting. OP can be regarded as a step down from IOP treatment and is often utilized to help clients fully transition into complete independence from the outpatient treatment setting.


Intensive Outpatient
IOP treatment is the most frequently utilized level of care in an outpatient setting. IOP can be regarded as a step down from PHP, or as an independent level of care. Similar to PHP treatment in clinical and therapeutic services, IOP treatment provides clients with a less rigorous schedule.

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What To Expect From IOP

How To Tell IF Someone Needs IOP?

Typical treatment plans include 3 hours of treatment per day, 3 – 5 days a week, based on individual need. IOP at Warner Park combines group connection and support with individual attention and personalized approaches.

Group therapy sessions are at the heart of Intensive Outpatient programming. Clients participate in 6 or 7 group therapy sessions per week, where experienced facilitators offer real-life insights and practical guidance in an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance and individual healing. Group members learn to express struggles and fears as well as verbalizing hopes and sharing stories of success. Clients receive education and reinforcement in group therapy while practicing communication and socialization skills in a structured and non-threatening environment. There’s no better place to learn the power of both giving and receiving support and honest feedback than alongside others facing similar challenges.

Individual therapy is, of course, an important component of addiction treatment as well. It may take time to become comfortable with the level of honesty and trust inherent in small groups. Individual sessions will help you through this, as well as allowing time for deeper exploration of any issues or realizations which may have surfaced along the way. Clients meet with their personal therapist 2 – 3 times a week. Together you will assess your progress, celebrate your growth, and identify remaining areas of weakness or concern to address.

Finally, weekly consultations with a Warner Park psychiatrist allow regular progress assessments and adjustments to appropriate medications.

How Our IOP Program Can Help You

Innovative Treatment

At Warner Park Recovery Center, we believe in treating the whole person and recognize that the client is the most important part of any plan. Our staff has been chosen not only for their individual dedication and expertise but for the range of perspectives and methodologies they bring. They have committed themselves to lead by example, creating an intentional community of service to our clients and towards one another.

We value our diversity while at the same time sharing the conviction that that effective, long-term addiction treatment begins with that transparency, communication, and trust – with our clients as well as with one another. Addiction isn’t something you overcome alone. There are no “short-term” or easy solutions. Lasting stability and true recovery often require addressing relationship issues, anxiety or stress, grief, and loss, trauma, broken self-esteem, depression, or a range of other mood disorders. Warner Park’s community of professionals want to help you overcome the symptoms preventing you from living the life you want.

We begin with a complete diagnostic assessment, which our treatment team will analyze and begin formulating an individualized plan based on your most immediate needs. We understand that it isn’t easy to begin such a journey, but we pride ourselves on providing the best possible care towards maximizing each individual’s emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

As you progress, we will work with you on defining specific goals and strategies moving forward, using your values and sense of larger purpose as guides. Sometimes the focus is on better managing and regulating your emotions, or practicing effective relationship skills. Other times it may be more important to begin with problem-solving strategies, or work on personal assertiveness and a stronger sense of self and of self-worth. Whatever the roots, Warner Park’s Intensive Outpatient Program will help you begin taking back control. Addiction is personal; addiction treatment and recovery should be, too.

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