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Tips to Deal with Anxiety in Sobriety

Anxiety in and of itself can be a debilitating disorder. Anxiety in sobriety is a double hit. Whether your anxiety is due to becoming sober or just an addition to it, sufferers need ways of coping with it. Here are nine ways for sufferers to deal with anxiety in sobriety.

Mind Your Environment

Try to take a look around you and determine what is causing anxiety at that time. It could be the location, someone who is around, or something else. For some, clutter can lead to feelings of claustrophobia and anxiety. For others, a trigger like a picture of an unhappy time can lead to a string of anxious. While trying to analyze in the middle of an anxiety attack may not be possible, try to do so when you are calm again. Then, make a plan to fix it.


Download a guided meditation app on your smartphone. Light a candle- the lavender scent is a soothing one- and just focus on the moment. Practicing meditation on a regular basis can equip you with the knowledge of how to stop, breathe, and focus during an anxiety attack.

Yoga or Tai Chi

Yoga is more than just a bunch of stretching. It is also a soothing, meditative, and grounding practice that has the added benefit of toning your body. It is helpful enough that there are yoga practices specifically geared around recovery. Tai chi is another option of meditative exercise. The slow, calming and deliberate movements help participants with both physical and mental health.


Writing is an incredible therapy and can help free everyone’s mind. Whether it is a biography or getting all of your tasks on a to-do list, the art of writing is beneficial. With anxiety, journaling is helpful as you can really express your feelings on paper. Sometimes, journaling can help you identify triggers and emotions that you were previously unaware of.


These are all excellent ways in which to express your feelings. Drawing requires some level of focus, so your mind switches gears. Painting and coloring are also great sources of therapy and expression.


Exercise releases endorphins, which make people happy. It is not as easy to be anxious when you are feeling good. Regular exercise at least four times a week will be a consistent help. However, exercising when your anxious will also make a difference. Be it a full-body workout or a walk around the block, get moving.

Watch a Funny Show or Movie

Laughter is a great medicine. Take your mind off of anxiety-inducing issues with a silly movie. The more senseless the comedy, the better.

Call a Friend

If you have a friend or loved one who is willing, call them every time you start to feel anxious. If they understand why you are calling at that moment, they can be prepared to get your mind off of your current focus. Additionally, they might suggest meeting up for some shopping, a movie, or some lunch.

Talk with Your Doctor or Therapist

In addition to these steps, be sure you speak to your doctor or therapist. If you are constantly having anxiety struggles, there are likely steps that they can take to help you- possibly anxiety medication- or suggestions that can help when the anxiety presents itself. Additionally, speaking to a therapist can help you get to the root of the anxiety and take steps toward changing your response to it.


If you are suffering from anxiety in sobriety, know that you are not alone. Nor do you have to fight it alone. Call Warner Park Recovery in Woodland Hills, CA. We are here to provide mental health and substance abuse programs through both inpatient and outpatient levels of care. Contact us today!

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