Warner Park Recovery Center – Woodland Hills Mental Health


Lindsay Kaye, RADT

Group Facilitator

A SoCal native, Shontá received both of her MA degrees from Pepperdine University one in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and the other in general psyche. Under a trauma informed model she has counseled couples, families, and individuals who have experienced drug/alcohol addiction, familial transitions through divorce/blended family/adoption, domestic violence, and bouts of homelessness. Her use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other therapeutic interventions have proven effective in helping adults navigate these losses and transitions. Utilizing therapeutic approaches individualized to the unique need of person by empowering you with positive & affective coping tools to handle life stressors & family/relationship issues. Her techniques also increase self-regulation which promotes positive communication skills and facilitates growth in one’s social and emotional lives, as well as with partners, parents, and families.

Therapy can bring us to self-awareness. People are just as unique as our psycho-social needs and my approach is specifically designed to the person in a client centered collaborative environment. Unlock your potential. Revitalize your relationships. Become in-tuned with yourself and explore patterns or behaviors that no longer allow you to grow. Shontá assists clients with rediscovering themselves by exploring their goals, past and present concerns to cultivate personal values and an empowered sense of self.

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