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Why to Travel to Southern California for Addiction Treatment

Due to the higher level of access and rate of addiction, treatment today is unfortunately thought of as common as going to the emergency room in many communities. But that doesn’t mean all communities have equal quality addiction treatment. In fact, many regions have very basic or lacking programs because they are just trying to deal with identification and initial withdrawals. As a result, these areas tend to have a higher rate of repeat addiction. This, in effect, becomes a practical barrier towards true recovery as well as the loss of motivation for those who need help.

The above said when Southern California is considered, however, the region has an abundance of additional resources available that make addiction recovery far more successful. That’s because of a number of reasons:

There are More Options for Special Cases

Not every addiction case is the same. The recovery treatment for alcoholism is going to be very different than for prescription medicine addiction or illicit drug addiction. And addiction affects all classes and background; even doctors can become addicts as well. Too often, the generic treatment center tries to use one size to fit all because that’s all their office budget can afford. What a heroin addict may need could definitely require both psychological counseling as well as medical help, versus a gambling addiction may very much be a treatment focused on behavior modification instead without any medical resources. This kind of specialized approach simply isn’t available in other locations, but because Southern California is such a concentration of so many health skillsets custom-mixed treatment plans can be combined far easier there. With a cluster of first-class treatment experts, the high majority of addiction types can be treated with a greater rate of success than anywhere else.

Get a Break From the Old Environment and Familiar Triggers

A second key aspect of Southern California treatment generally has to do with the fact that its not the addict’s home town. Getting out of a familiar locale and elements allows treatment to work faster. If an addict can fall back into the same old thinking and pattern too soon with the wrong crowd and old pressures, the addiction comes roaring back. Travel and separation have a very powerful effect of making the person far more receptive with less negative defenses to stop treatment. It also allows a person to open up and accept treatment instead of resisting without fear of being judged by peers or a known network. That in itself can be a huge bridge to cross for those worried about being known they are treatment back home.

The Great Weather Helps

Unlike much of the rest of the country, the overall weather in Southern California is just darn more pleasant year-round. That can help tremendously as a person deals with the side effects of withdrawals, depression being a common reaction as one works through the symptoms. Getting sun, fresh air, and warmth has been part of health treatment dating back centuries. With so much outdoor areas and ranges, it’s quite possible to incorporate hiking, swimming and walking into a treatment program, using exercise to clear up one’s thinking very quickly.

Prioritize You for a Change

Finally, a key benefit of treatment in Southern California with separation and a change in environment is that you can prioritize yourself as the patient for a change. You will be separated from your peers, your neighborhood, your pressures, and your worries. Finally, you can focus directly on yourself and what’s going on that has caused the addiction in the first place. And that’s what can lead to recovery and long-term positive mental health going forward.

Warner Park Recovery is a dual diagnosis, mental health and substance abuse program that offers partial day, intensive outpatient and outpatient levels of care, providing patients multiple options for recovery. Serving areas locally that include Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Topanga Canyon, The Valley, and Thousand Oaks, Warner Park Recovery also helps arrange long-distance treatment plans for patients who need the benefit of a removed recovery from where they normally live and work. Don’t continue to keep hoping the problem will eventually go away; it won’t. Call Warner Park Recovery to start the process of recovery now and begin the work needed to achieve permanent sobriety.

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