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Outpatient Addiction Treatment: The Key To Long Lasting Sobriety

What is an Outpatient program?

The staff at Warner Park Recovery are more than happy to answer any questions that one may have about Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, or intensive inpatient programs.  Help and information are available through our 24/7 confidential live chat. Informational services are also available on our website whenever you need it. ( https://warnerparkrecovery.com/ )

Outpatient rehabilitation programs are a valuable resource. Typically the process will involve patients who will travel to an established clinic or hospital for consecutive treatment sessions. There is no overnight residency taken at such facilities and no monitored contact from family or friends after a certain time.  These therapy sessions can last anywhere from an hour to several hours… Once the sessions have been completed the patients are allowed to return to their homes.

This sort of treatment can be best suited for recovering addicts who were inspired to challenge their own addiction. Individuals that voluntarily enlist in these treatments have to be strong-willed and self-disciplined to some extent. The aforementioned qualities are a requirement for this type of therapy, taking into consideration that there would not be any consistent supervision similar to inpatient therapy.

How does it work

Outpatient therapy usually happens after an inpatient stay. Outpatient therapy is drastically different. A residential stay will usually mean that patients will have a strict overnight regime. This means that a program has been implicated by a facility in which the patients will be monitored 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Many patients will be required to undergo this kind of programming within their first thirty days of rehabilitation. Patients must first demonstrate they can exit the facility without endangering themselves or others when they are not closed under surveillance or supervision.  Residential programs are also known as inpatient programs. They will implement strict management practices along with mandates to have inhouse meetings.

The counselors will usually assign other tasks outside the facility to allow recovering addicts to receive the experience of having healthy and productive relationships. This will entail the companionship of sober people outside of the clinic as well as casual friendships inside of the clinic. When a patient is voluntarily or involuntarily enlisted into an outpatient program, an outpatient program manager will transfer a patient’s file. These practices may differ depending on the patient’s health insurance as well level of care needed. These are some of the various stipulations that may be considered when implementing an outpatient program.

Easy to maintain hobbies and tasks.

A truly intricate outpatient program will implement as many holistic approaches and resources that are available.  The objective is to treat you as a whole individual. Here at Warner Park Recovery, we recognize that our patients have valuable relationships, responsibilities, and hobbies. We cultivate these thought processes that are vital to your success and recovery. Being in an outpatient program means you’ll have touchpoints. Touchpoints are required meetings that patients will have with counselors every couple of days.  These meetings are necessary tools to assist our patients as they may experience new problems or challenges that have come up after their last meeting. You’ll then be able to jump right back in and perfect the techniques you discussed with our trained counselors.

Maintain relationships with friends and family.

Some of our programs include family counseling sessions. These sessions are important to address how your addiction has affected your loved ones. These strategic sessions allow your family to hear and become involved.  They can decide to become part of your game plan.

You’re learning a lot and you may want them to become knowledgeable with the hopes that they can support you in your recovery process. These sessions also give direction and focal points that will address how you can heal together as a family unit. You will also use these sessions to celebrate victories as you progress towards full recovery from substance abuse. The maintenance of a healthy family relationship is one of the critical benefits of an outpatient program in comparison to an inpatient program that may separate you from family connections in the future.

Assistance with alcohol abuse.

Our outpatient alcohol rehab centers help assist patients to overcome extremely dangerous drinking behaviors. They are then taught how to spot, recognize and prevent triggers that may lead to a relapse. Most outpatient programs meet daily for the first several weeks or even months. Afterward, the routine of meetings will begin to gradually decrease based on how far along an individual has progressed in their recovery.


Outpatient programs are typically way more financially friendly than the more intensive alternatives, which is critical for those without insurance coverage. Cost should not be an obstacle for you to get the help you need to improve your health, and an outpatient program can easily overcome such a hurdle.

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