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How to Stay Sober When Everyone Else is Drinking

If you haven’t had alcohol for many years or if you are new at being sober, there are many smart ways to prepare yourself for events and parties with others.  How do you stay sober as others with you are drinking?

For those searching for complete sobriety, there are many helpful ways to prepare yourself and make the process much simpler.  A good treatment center is a good option for those wanting more support as they prepare for their new lifestyle.

Warner Park Recovery is a mental health and substance abuse program located in Woodland Hills, California.  They offer partial day and outpatient levels of care with their treatment programs.  The personalized care from their treatment team helps coordinate your individualized plans with the highest quality of care.  This may include individual or group therapy with medication-management and therapeutic recreational activities.

Complete recovery can look different to some people but the main point is to understand that good health is possible.  The best care should be supportive of your good health and your comfort getting there.  Life in sobriety is easier as you have the right support and the best planning for your treatment programs.  There are some simple ways to stay sober and enjoy events that include alcoholic beverages.

Have the Right Support

An experienced treatment center has programs and services with proven results for those wanting relief from substance abuse.  These types of programs at Warner Park Recovery provide clients with the tools and treatment needed for long-term recovery.  The personalized programs might also include discussions for continuing on with the right support.  Being the designated driver can be the easiest way to stay sober while others are drinking.  The crowd you are with should be comfortable with your plans to be sober and avoid alcohol.

Plan Ahead and Be Ready With Other Options than Drinking Alcohol

A good treatment program can walk you through these types of solutions.  The Warner Center bridges the gap between inpatient and outpatient phases of treatment.  For some people, this includes techniques for being with others who may be drinking.  Staying sober in these environments is easier with a good treatment team helping you through the planning.

Consider the crowd and ways to have your own special fun at the event.  Even weekend-long festivals or musical events can be enjoyed while staying sober.  A little pre-planning and you have your own alcohol-free drinks ready for you.  This can make it much easier to be with others who are drinking some type of alcoholic drinks.  Your smart planning can easily include a simple strategy of enjoying something nice the next day.  This intelligent technique can help you focus through the evening party and be determined to enjoy your next day planning.

Order a Favorite Drink Without Alcohol

Non-alcoholic drinks can be worked out ahead of time.  Being able to enjoy various non-alcoholic options can be a nice way to enjoy an event.    Examples include ice-cold club soda or coke without rum.  An enjoyable bottle of water can also be that nice way to improve any social outings and the comfortableness with your real creative ways of being expressive minus that alcoholic drink.  Sobriety can be comfortable and the right treatment programs can help you get there.

Understand the Benefits of Sobriety

The amount of money you save can be impressive while avoiding alcoholic drinks.  The savings amounts can be used for something else you enjoy even more.  Some people find that sobriety helps with better planning for parties and events.  More enjoyable conversations are appreciated with the feeling a sober person can have while enjoying parties.  Also, staying away from certain cocktails can make it better as you plan your next day outings or projects.

Productivity and physical strength may also be seen as important benefits of refusing that first drink. Measuring the positive effects of sobriety can be an impressive way to take that pledge to be alcohol-free. Fortunately, there are helpful therapy programs to help you through the planning.  The Warner Center has been successful at helping clients fully transition into complete independence from the outpatient treatment setting.  The benefits of sobriety make this a simpler process and the quality of care through the process justifies better planning.

Good Health and Quality Care

The feedback from those involved with Warner Park Recovery is positive and clients know they can make things easier for those recovering from alcohol addictions.  Their individual therapy services at the beautiful location at the Warner Center in Woodland Hills, CA is just what many people need to get on the path to sobriety.  Those in Woodland Hills or the surrounding areas of Calabasas, Topanga Canyon, The Valley, or Thousand Oaks should consider us for treatments. Contact us today!

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