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How To Rebuild Your Relationships
In Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a serious issue that impacts countless individuals and families across the country every year. Addiction is unique in that it doesn’t only impact the individual suffering from addiction, but impacts the people around them as well. Friends and family members can get caught in the crossfires of drug abuse and alcoholism. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, don’t wait to get help. Treatment for addiction not only teaches someone the tools to stay sober, but also helps them mend relationships with loved ones. 

How Does Addiction Affect Relationships?

If someone suffers from drug abuse or addiction, this is going to impact their personal relationships. Generally speaking, when someone is using, they care more about getting high then maintaining relationships with family members or friends. It’s all too common for someone to sacrifice spending quality time with friends in order to feed their addiction. Using drugs or alcohol becomes the sole purpose of an addict as the disease progresses. 

Family members are not immune to this either. It’s hard for an addict to show up and be reliable for their brother or sister when they’re high. Holidays are often ruined by the one family member who drank too much and made the holiday about them. Family members also may not feel like they’re being heard or valued because the individual’s resources are focused on the addiction.

Professional relationships are going to be affected as well. When someone suffers from addiction, they usually have trouble keeping up at work. They might even show up to work if they’re using. As a result, work performance suffers. Addicts deep in the throes of their addiction will eventually lose their job. The importance of mending broken relationships in recovery is twofold: recovering addicts need their loved ones for support and their loved ones need them as well. 

How to Mend Broken Relationships After Attaining Sobriety

Mending relationships that have been broken by addiction is not going to be easy; however, there are a few steps you can take to make this process easier. One of the most important, if not the most important, steps to take, is communicating honestly. Keep in mind, communication is a two-way street. While it’s important to communicate to your loved ones what you experienced during your addiction and why you did what you did, you’ll want to hear them out too and how your addiction affected them. Give these individuals a chance to speak so they can get the closure they’ll need. 

Next, ask for forgiveness from the people you hurt. When someone suffers from addiction, they’re often in denial and unaware of how bad their addiction is. They might not even be willing to admit they have a problem at first. Instead of harboring guilt, it’s better to apologize so you can clear the air and leave the past behind you. Although asking for forgiveness isn’t easy, the gesture will mean a lot to your friends and family. It will mean the world to them that you acknowledge your actions hurt them while you were getting high.

Finally, the last thing to do is focus on sobriety. There’s a saying that actions are going to speak louder than words. This directly relates to recovery. It’s one thing to say you’re better, but it’s another thing to show yourself and others you’re committed to staying sober. For this reason, it’s important to put your sobriety first. Attend regular meetings. Go to appointments. Follow the guidance of trained professionals. This is going to play a big role in the success of not only the recovery process but also how well you can mend broken relationships.

Find Support From Others

Building relationships are important because your personal relationships provide a source of support during a difficult time. If you have people you can rely on for support, you’re less likely to suffer a relapse. 

Relationships aren’t just isolated to friends and family. You can also build relationships with trained professionals. These are the people that will provide you with resources to maintain your sobriety during and after treatment. 

Let Us Help You With Addiction Treatment

At Warner Park Recovery, we’re here to help individuals and families by providing exceptional addiction treatment options. We’re a dual diagnosis (mental health combined with substance abuse treatment) program that offers partial day, intensive outpatient, and traditional outpatient levels of care. We regularly treat patients from the Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Topanga Canyon, The Valley, and Thousand Oaks areas. If you are looking for help with addiction treatment, please give us a call to learn more about our professional services!

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