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Robert Oberlander

Robert Oberlander

Chief Operations Officer

Robert Oberlander has been working in mental health and substance abuse treatment since 2015. Robert’s experience in the field is wide-ranging. Robert initially began working with a wilderness therapy program before settling into a more formal role in managing a women’s dual-diagnosis facility and has diverse experience in an admissions and operations capacity. Robert has a background in the humanities that provided him with a willingness to understand and incorporate diverse perspectives into his personal lexicon, thus enabling him to engage the many challenges brought about by mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Robert’s drive for his work is derived from his personal experience with addiction. Robert believes in a multifaceted approach to recovery, and that personal recovery is strengthened through a resource-based approach. He has worked closely with thousands of clients with the hope of assisting them in finding a measure of the serenity he has found through the process of recovery. Robert believes that sobriety offers those suffering from addiction the opportunity to engage life in unimagined, unforeseen capacities, and find freedom, self-attainment, and self-actualization.

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