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Rebecca Greenough

Rebecca Greenough, CADC

Group Facilitator

Becky has dedicated her life to the recovery process with over 25 years of involvement in the addiction and mental health field. Utilizing 33 years of her own personal recovery journey, Becky uses evidence-based treatment modalities and has mastered many useful practices in facilitating group therapy. Becky understands that most people with a substance abuse problem have or may be dealing with an underlying mental health condition. Becky believes that trauma of many forms is a driver of re-occurring substance abuse problems. It takes a team of mental health professionals and addiction specialists to support recovery in an individual. She believes each person should have the opportunity and support to gain dignity and health in their lives. It is her privilege to share in recovery and let the light of the spirit shine.
Becky has been happily married for 32 years and has raised two beautiful daughters. She enjoys camping, hiking and kayaking. Becky is also a renowned practitioner of martial arts and teaches self-defense in her spare time.

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