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Why It’s Important To Reach Out To Someone With Depression

Helping Someone With Depression Requires A Thoughtful Response

Depression is a mood disorder that can sap an individual’s energy and undermine their self-esteem. It is a serious medical problem that requires effective treatment to relieve symptoms and improve the person’s ability to function in daily life. Symptoms can be so severe that they prevent the individual from engaging in normal life and may even lead to self-harm. At Warner Park Recovery in Woodland Hills, CA can help individuals struggling with depression.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Depression

The symptoms of depression can take many forms. It may demonstrate a lack of interest in things that previously excited them. Individuals may sleep more much than usual or may be troubled with insomnia. They may gain weight or lose weight. The person may be constantly sad, anxious or may feel hopeless about the future. Brain function may also be affected, with memory problems, poor concentration, and impaired decision-making. The individual may seem restless or constantly irritable. Physical symptoms are also common, such as frequent headaches, stomach problems and aches and pains that have no specific cause. The individual may talk of suicide or may have attempted it. This is a sign that immediate professional help is indicated.

Causes of Depression

Mental health experts believe that depression is caused by biological, environmental and psychological factors. Hereditary may play a part, predisposing the individual to depression. Those who have serious illnesses may become depressed. Sometimes, medications taken for these illnesses can contribute to depression. The condition appears to be connected to dysfunction in the chemicals in the brain that regulates mood. People of all ages can experience depression.  Women experience depression more often than men, which may be linked to fluctuations in hormone levels. Even young children can have depression. Older people often have depression that is undiagnosed. Depression in teens can be linked to acting out behavior, substance abuse, irritability, and anxiety.

Communication and Connection May Also Be Affected by Depression

When individuals are depressed they may not want to talk about their feelings. They may feel isolated and cut off from everyday life and the experiences of their peers. Many people don’t even know they are depressed. They only know they don’t feel right, don’t feel motivated to do anything or may have feelings of worthlessness. Friends and loved ones may have a difficult time breaking through to them. They may feel no one understands how they feel and may simple withdraw from other people. This behavior is common in those who are depressed and should be a signal to those around them that they need professional help to feel better.  When individuals are depressed, encouraging them to “snap out of it” doesn’t have any meaning for them, because they can’t rise above the effects of the poor brain function that is affecting their emotions.

How To Reach Out To Someone Struggling With Depression

Individuals who are depressed often feel unmotivated, sluggish and have profound feelings of hopelessness and poor self-esteem. If you attempt to simply “cheer them on,” they may withdraw even further and feel you don’t understand their feelings and thoughts.  Mental health experts suggest you avoid pointing out how good they have it because exterior circumstances often have nothing to do with depression. Instead, you can voice your support in a number of ways:

  • Assure them that you are there for them, make sure they know you are available.
  • Ask if you can help in any way.
  • Tell them the things you like about them.
  • Don’t disparage their negative feelings, which they legitimately feel.
  • Discuss options that can help, such as therapy, medication or immediate emergency care, if indicated.
  • Offer to go along for treatment.
  • Just be there without saying anything.

A Number of Treatments Are Available To Help Individuals With Depression

If you or someone you love is suffering from depression, you can research the many treatments for this condition. A number of medications are available to relieve symptoms, so individuals can enjoy life again. Talk therapy can also help to resolve problems that may be contributing to depression. Brain stimulation therapy can also be used in severe cases to relieve symptoms. Sometimes, a combination of therapies is used to achieve the best results.

Choose Warner Park Recovery For Treatment of Depression

The treatment specialists at Warner Park Recovery have extensive training in mental health issues and substance abuse care. We offer outpatient, inpatient and intensive inpatient programs to help individuals return to a productive, happy life. Contact Warner Park Recovery today at 866-424-0948 to make an appointment to learn about treatments for depression that can help.

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