Warner Park Recovery Center – Woodland Hills Mental Health


Jan Salvay, LMFT

Primary Therapist

Working as a marriage and family therapist has provided me with perspective and respect for the challenges we all face in our daily lives.  Developing skills and coping mechanisms can help navigate inevitable stressors that can make our life seem unbearable.  The group process and the staff that make up this treatment team provide the balance and vast perspective to help build that support system that you can depend on moving forward.  

I utilize multiple modalities including DBT, CBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI) techniques.  We may seek treatment out of obligation but in the end, we have to want to commit to our own recovery and development as a gift to ourselves.  When we get better, everyone benefits.  We depend on our loved ones for support, and they depend on us. Building a healthy, functioning operating system can make our life feel more manageable and more meaningful.

We Care

Based on your test results we are sending you this notification in order to better assist you. Please feel free to reach out with no strings attached and speak with one of our live representatives today. 

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