Warner Park Recovery Center – Woodland Hills Mental Health


Gena Kopytov

Chief Executive Officer / Program Director

With over a decade of experience in behavioral healthcare, Mr. Kopytov currently serves as Program Director and CEO for Warner Park Recovery Center in Woodland Hills, CA. Mr. Kopytov has fulfilled various roles within the Mental Health and Substance Abuse space since completing his education and earning a degree in Healthcare Administration and Management. Early on in his career, serving as an Executive Administrative Assistant in an Adult Day Health Care Center aimed at providing support to geriatric patients with various mental health disorders, Mr. Kopytov found his inspiration to help others. Quickly growing into his own, in 2010 Mr. Kopytov transitioned into a hospital setting where he served as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Supervisor, managing hospital safety and compliance within OSHA codes and regulations.

In 2013, Mr. Kopytov focused his attention on working with dual-diagnosis inpatient and outpatient treatment centers where he fulfilled his role as an Operations Manager, managing the well-being of clients and the integrity of various treatment programs by providing client and staff supervision. In 2014, Mr. Kopytov was called upon to develop what became the first of its kind – Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis outpatient program in Malibu, CA. Mr. Kopytov served as its Director of Operations, Director of Admissions and Director of Business Development all the way through to its acquisition by a larger healthcare organization. In 2017, Mr. Kopytov decided to take his knowledge and years of experience and create an outpatient program of his own, with a clear vision to set the standard in behavioral healthcare and be the best treatment provider available to those in need. With a proven reputation within the Mental Health and Substance Abuse community, Mr. Kopytov continuously strives to elevate his clients and peers to the best versions of themselves. He continues to find ways to innovate and improve the clients overall treatment experience and outcome by taking a hands-on approach to maintaining the quality and success of his program.


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