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Customizable Treatment

You’re a unique person, with a unique set of strengths and problems, and the process of getting help for those problems is going to be as unique as you are. At Warner Park Recovery, we know that no two people struggle the same way with addiction or mental disorders. Compassion is one of the cornerstones of the foundation of our approach. We work hard to understand the complete set of circumstances and factors affecting your recovery, from modalities of treatment to external influences, and build a customized plan of treatment to meet all of your needs.

A Flexible Program Path

Flexible Addiction Treatment Paths
Unique Addiction Treatment
Customized Addiction Treatment

If addiction and recovery teaches you one thing, it’s that life doesn’t always go the way you plan. At Warner Park Recovery, we understand the importance of viewing treatment not as a rigid set of prescribed steps, but rather as a path towards the ultimate goal of healing–a path which must be able to change, adapt, and persevere in the face of all the obstacles that life can throw it its way.

Not all people can choose our inpatient residential treatment. Even if you may want to, you may have other important responsibilities to consider, such as family, work, school, or other personal issues. We offer a wide array of outpatient programs for people who want to get the help they need without having to simply drop their other affairs.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed with the same goals as our Inpatient program and is formatted to allow for flexibility in scheduling and pacing. Our partial hospitalization programs (PHP) offer a greater range of paths to success by incorporating regular meetings and appointments with virtual care and a greater reliance upon your support system.

Our later outpatient programs facilitate a smooth transition back to your “regular” life without compromising your access to the support and guidance of your team back at the center.

Prepared for Contingencies.

Relapse is a part of every person’s journey of healing in one way or another. Warner Park Recovery provides an entirely non-judgmental approach to getting you sober and keeping you sober. Whether you’re fighting urges, feel yourself slipping, or have already relapsed multiple times, there’s a place for you here. We know that relapse isn’t a sign that you’ve failed–it’s simply a sign that your treatment needs to be changed or improved. We don’t give up on our clients and we won’t give up on you. We’ll work with you from every possible angle until we find a way to get you sober and keep you sober.

If your benefits cut out or if your coverage ends while you’re in treatment, you don’t have to worry about being unceremoniously dumped on the street. We aren’t in this business because of the money–we’re in it because of the people. No matter what your personal circumstances may be, we’ll work with you to find a way to get you the help you need without putting you into crippling debt.

Redefining Mental Illness

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Individualized Care

When you meet with one of our doctors, counselors, therapists, or psychiatrists to establish goals for your recovery, you’re not going to be assigned a set of cookie-cutter benchmarks that may or may not lead to improvement in the areas where you need it most. Instead, we work with you to set a personalized, step-by-step direction for your process of healing.

You’ll pick short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals, decide how to approach them based on the resources available to you, set up prevention plans in case things begin to go wrong, and agree upon a regular schedule of contact to keep you engaged, accountable, and headed for success. Your guidance professionals will work together as a team to celebrate your victories, encourage you in times of challenge, support you through your failures, and be there to assist you in every way possible.

Our resources aren’t limited to breaking you out of addiction either. Whether you could use help with career goals, your academic trajectory, financial guidance, family life, living situation, interpersonal relationships, or simply being able to trust another living soul, we’re here for you in the long haul.

A Community of Recovery

Humans are social creatures. Nobody exists in a vacuum and, whether we care to admit it or not, our actions affect other people almost as much as they affect ourselves. Although being part of a community may feel like an unwelcome responsibility at times, the support and accountability that come from connecting to others can make a lasting impact on your lifelong progression towards healing.

For these reasons, we exercise deliberation and thoroughness when deciding how to best shape our community of recovery here at Warner Park. We know that as much as healing is an internal process, one of its greatest hallmarks is in how you interact with others. Being part of a group here allows you not only to receive support from other people who can relate to you, but to challenge yourself to develop strong, prosocial interpersonal skills that will serve you well for the rest of your life. We take great care to ensure that each person contributes something positive to the community and that no one person can negatively impact the progress of another.

Our clients aren’t the only members of the community here at Warner Park–our staff are just as much a part of the dynamic. We’ve hand-selected our recovery professionals with the goal of forming a compassionate, diverse, open group of people with whom you can interact and learn to grow. We’re proud of the staff we employ here and we know that once you get to know them, you will be, too.

Warner Park blog

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