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Top 5 Signs of Depression

Depression is a mental health condition that clouds the lives of more than 300 million people in the world. If left untreated, it can adversely affect a person’s personal relationships, job status, health, and more. Many people experience and observe depression but are unaware of the signs. The lack of understanding causes many people to go undiagnosed. The following are the top signs that a person may be suffering from depression.

Feelings of Worthlessness

Worthless feelings are one of the most prevalent symptoms of depression. These feelings may erupt from nowhere and overtake a sufferer like a tidal wave of doom. The individual may feel as if nothing that he or she does is right. Accomplishments and achievements may provide a short-lived sense of relief, but the tidal wave may suddenly reappear and deflate the person again. The person may feel that he or she has no purpose in this life or this world, and no completed activity is meaningful. It’s also common for such a person to feel as though no one else in the world loves him or her, and no one in the world cares. Depression may also manifest as a feeling of utter “invisibility.” The person’s perspective may be that no one hears or sees him or her. Furthermore, a depressed person may feel that no one would miss him or her if that person suddenly died.

Extreme Fatigue

Extreme fatigue is another common symptom of depression. The fatigue can be mild to where the person can still function, or it can be so debilitating that the individual can’t seem to rise out of bed in the morning. A depressed person may be devoid of any motivation to complete even the simplest of tasks, such as writing, eating, or even taking a breath. Mental health issues often manifest in a physical form, and fatigue is one of the most common. Doctors may mistake the depression for a health condition such as anemia or a thyroid issue, but the tests for such issues may return as negative.

Loss of Interest in Joyful Activities

Depression can cause a person to lose interest in things that were once joyful to that individual. For example, an outgoing and sociable person may suddenly desire to spend all day and night at home alone. An athletic person might stop taking care of his or her body and instead indulge in eating unhealthy foods. A friendly and caring person may lose the will to communicate with the world.

A Dark Outlook on Life

A dark or pessimistic outlook on life often plagues those who suffer from depression. Such individuals may not be able to see a “bright side” to any situation because the depression clouds their thinking. To a depressed mind, there is no hope, no love, and not one person in the entire world who cares.

Suicidal Thoughts

Extreme cases of depression can bring forth suicidal thoughts. A person may consider taking his or her life just to end the internal suffering. He or she may believe at that moment that the world would be better without that person. The negative thoughts may overtake the person if that person does not have a support system, a recovery program, or just someone who will listen and care.

How to Deal With Depression

Depression can be treated in a variety of ways. The first step toward recovery is speaking to someone who can confirm it. The next step is working with specialists who can get to the root cause of it. Various types of depression exist, and the treatment regiment will depend on the nature of the condition. Depression that’s caused by temporary circumstances such as death or loss has a different treatment from depression that comes from a chemical or hormonal imbalance.

Substance abuse is something that can become an issue for a person who suffers from depression. Oftentimes, depressed individuals turn to substances and alcohol to balance the downward mood shift. Dual diagnosis treatment is perfect for such a situation.

Get Help for Depression and Substance Abuse

Help for depression and substance abuse recovery is available in the Woodland Hills, Topanga Canyon, and Calabasas area. Warner Park Recovery has a staff full of dedicated individuals who are skilled in dual diagnosis treatment as well as various life issues. A better day is ahead. You may contact the facility for information on recovery programs and help for yourself or a loved one.

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