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The Benefits of a Partial Day Program in Recovery

Searching for the right addiction treatment can feel like an overwhelming task at times. It can feel like there are too many options, or you may not feel like there’s anything that suits your specific needs. Even the simple decision of choosing between attending an inpatient program and getting residential treatment can feel very complex and difficult to make. Nevertheless, it is important to find the right program in order to increase the likelihood of long-term recovery.

That’s why Warner Park Recovery offers partial day outpatient programs. This is the middle line for those struggling to choose what kind of treatment program is best for them. A partial day recovery program is not only highly effective but also provides a way for those working towards sobriety a way to see if going for a full inpatient or residential program may be right for them in the near future.

To see if a partial day program may be the next right step for your addiction treatment (or that of a loved one), here’s what you need to know:

How a Partial Day Program Works

Partial day programs are also sometimes referred to as “Partial Hospitalization Programs” or a “PHP” treatment plan. This is because this program has the patient staying in the treatment center for only a certain amount of hours each week rather than being admitted on a full-time basis. Likewise, the patient also does not simply come in for a single isolated appointment or group session here and there and go home. Instead, patients will be at the treatment center for a significant period of time each day, allowing them to focus fully on recovery. They will then get to return to the comfort of their own home at the end of the day.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Partial Day Program?

Warner Park Recovery treats a wide range of people and addictions, and the professionals here also understand that different programs work for different people. While a PHP can certainly be the right choice for a lot of people, the people who will benefit the most may be any of the following:

  • Individuals who have already attended a treatment program but may not feel fully recovered or otherwise ready to be on their own without a program
  • Individuals who may, for one reason or another, face challenges when it comes to staying at a treatment facility full time
  • Individuals who are in the process of moving from an inpatient program to a residential program or outpatient sessions
  • Individuals who are curious about doing a full inpatient program but want to take a slower approach

Advantages to Partial Day Programs

There’s a whole multitude of advantages to partial day programs, but some key ones to consider are the following:

  • A PHP provides more flexibility than a lot of other treatment options. This type of program works for many people with busy schedules or those who may need to otherwise shape their treatment around certain obligations or deadlines.
  • A PHP offers a more customized approach. Many people who participate in partial day programs find that they are better able to customize their treatment and recovery methods around their specific needs.
  • A PHP provides more hands-on treatment than regular appointments. For those who want to be able to stay in their own homes but still need a lot of focused treatment, a PHP may be the right way to go.
  • A PHP is a comprehensive learning environment in addition to being strictly focused on treatment. Because long hours are spent at the treatment center, patients are surrounded by information on addiction that they can use to their benefit and make better choices in the future.

Taking the Next Step

If you’re ready to learn more about a partial day treatment program and whether or not it might be the right choice for you or your loved one, contact Warner Park Recovery today. We’re here to listen and will help you find the right path toward long-term recovery.

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