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How to Quit Using Cocaine with Addiction Treatment

Cocaine is one of the most prevalent addictions in modern society today. This is also a devastating drug that can be hard to part with. When someone has developed an addiction to cocaine, there are likely a lot of bad habits that are going to indicate the type of hold this has on someone’s brain. Individuals will go out of their way, damaging professional and personal relationships, to feed their addiction. As a result, it can be hard for loved ones to get through to this individual. Fortunately, there is also a way to quit this destructive habit. There are a few important points that everyone should keep in mind.

Withdrawal is a Challenge

One of the biggest challenges at the beginning of the rehab process is the withdrawal that many people are going to experience. This happens when someone goes without cocaine for a day or two and can lead to serious symptoms. People are going to experience problems sleeping as their body goes through the detox process. They might feel depressed, down, and moody. Some people also develop anxiety and have trouble concentrating. This is often the most challenging part of the addiction treatment process. This can be a dangerous time and is one of the biggest reasons why people who are looking to quit cocaine need to rely on trained professionals for help. There are several steps that people will go through when trying to quit cocaine.

Keep a Busy Schedule

One of the most important steps that people need to take when trying to quit cocaine is to create a busy schedule. Often, people who sit around idle have time to think about their addiction. This might bring back bad memories which will only lead to cravings. Therefore, people need to take the time to fill up their schedule with other activities that are going to keep them busy. Think about exercising, socializing with family members and friends, finishing home projects, and other hobbies. Try to write down a few goals and figure out ways to reach them. Cravings are time-sensitive and people simply need to get through those cravings with other activities. This will also make it more likely that someone will fall asleep when tired.

Invest in Counseling

It is crucial for people to invest in counseling services. Remember that addiction treatment is a journey, not a destination. One on one counseling sessions are going to be helpful as someone tries to understand why they used cocaine in the first place and how to prevent this from happening again. Counselors will also help someone break down barriers that might prevent someone from staying clean. Finally, counselors can also help someone repair broken relationships with family members and friends that will be critical during the recovery process.

Repair Relationships and Build Support

Next, it is critical for people to have support from their family members and friends. This is a long, hard journey; however, it can be made easier with the help of loved ones. These are individuals who are going to be interested in the experiences that someone has during the addiction treatment journey. They are also a source of motivation and support. People can also build support by joining a treatment group. Take a listen to the experiences of others and lean on them for support. This will help someone stay clean.

Dedicate Oneself Every Day

It is important to not just get clean but to stay clean. This requires dedicating oneself at the start of every day. Anyone who thinks they can remain “functional” by using in “moderation” is only fooling themselves. It is important to refrain from these destructive habits completely. Complete abstinence is important because this trains the body to never give in to those destructive desires. If someone tries to use it in “moderation,” they are only going to end up on the slippery slope back to addiction. Stop this from happening by rededicating oneself at the start of every day.

Inpatient Treatment Can be Necessary

Finally, some people need to know that inpatient treatment is always an option. There is no shame in asking for help. At an inpatient facility, a skilled team of experienced doctors and nurses will be able to monitor someone as they detox, managing the symptoms of withdrawal and starting someone on the road to recovery. This can help someone find the foundation they need to function well on the outside. An inpatient facility can also help someone with an aftercare plan once they leave.

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