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How to Know When It’s Time to Go To Rehab

There are certain behaviors addicts have that will let you know that they are on a downward spiral.   One such behavior is hiding the fact that they are consuming the substances.   They become very smart about hiding their stash.  They will, for instance, carry alcohol in juice bottles, and keep sipping on it throughout the day.  They never let go of the bottle and are not willing to share the contents.

You will also never quite catch them in the act of drinking or using.  The only indicator you have is when they appear intoxicated.  If you ask them, they will claim that they have not been using anything.  As an addict, you know when you are hiding your level of addiction.

Be honest about it and seek intervention to help overcome the addiction.

You May Start To Steal Or Get Into Heavy Debt

Substance abuse is expensive, and addicts may turn to steal to support their habit. If you find that you are taking things that are not yours to sell so that you can buy alcohol or drugs, then you need help.

In the case that the addict does not steal,   they may start to sell their personal effects or even get into massive debt.  You will have borrowed from all your family and friends and are now visiting pawn shops or even loan sharks for cash.

People Are Telling You That You Need Help

No one wants to watch a loved one suffer from addiction.   Your family and friends will initially throw subtle hints that you may need help.  Eventually, they will be more open about it.  In some cases, even seek intervention if you do not seem to be responding positively.  While it may be tough to hear and see the disappointment from those close to you, it is essential to understand that they are doing it because they love you.

Final Thoughts

Addiction is something that creeps up on most individuals.  Before you know it, you are so heavily dependent on the substances to get you through the day.  You start to neglect what is important, and your relationships, work, academics, and life, in general, will suffer.  It is vital that you go for rehabilitation to help you on your path to sobriety. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, contact us today. Warner Park Recovery is always available to help!

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