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4 Common Rehab Myths

Warner Park Rehab Helps Dispel 4 Common Myths About Rehab

Substance abuse can result in the destruction of health, careers and close relationships. Professional treatment is often the only way to break the chain of addiction and provide practical help for rebuilding a normal life. You may hear a number of myths regarding rehab that aren’t necessarily true. These myths can discourage people from getting the help they need. At Warner Park Recovery in Woodland Hills, CA, we are committed to providing information and treatment for individuals struggling with addiction.

1 – You Have To Hit Bottom Before Going To Rehab

One of the most stubborn myths about drug rehab is that an individual has to hit bottom before treatment can be effective. Many believe the person has to want help in order for treatment to be effective.  Neither of these myths is accurate. The benefits of treatment can accrue as soon as it begins. In some cases, an individual may not be able to make a good judgment about treatment because of the severity of their addiction or because of underlying mental health problems. These issues can be addressed during treatment, and they will find the therapies have a dramatic effect on their ability to understand the underlying issues for their substance abuse, as well as in their ability to manage cravings. They are then able to participate in their treatment and recovery more fully.

2 – You’ll Get Fired If You Go To Rehab

Addiction often brings a great deal of fear and shame. These emotions often make it difficult for people to admit they have a problem. They may fear what other people think of them or may worry about getting fired from their jobs if they admit a substance abuse problem. Almost everyone in the country knows someone who has struggled with substance abuse. They are often beloved family members, valued co-workers, close neighbors, friends, and fellow church members. Getting help is understood as an act of courage and affirmation, to restore lives to normal function and productivity. Federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability or medical need, so if an employer fires you for getting help for substance abuse, you have a legitimate claim to bring to an employment attorney. However, most employers are reluctant to lose valued workers who have substance abuse problems, and they will accommodate your treatment needs. In fact, many companies have employee assistance programs that can help with referrals and support.

3 – Going To Rehab Will Cure Your Addiction

Treatment is not a “cure” for addiction. Substance abuse causes changes in the brain that can last for many years. However, treatment can help you develop skills to manage your addiction. First, it will help you to “detox” from the substance, so your physical chemistry can return to normal. Substance abuse counselors can help you understand the psychological reasons for substance use. Individual and group therapy can help you to recognize “triggers” for use, learning skills to resist relapse and creating structures that help to support your recovery day-by-day and year-by-year. Over time, your learned habits can become a part of your psychology and your daily habits. In this way, you can overcome addiction by learning new ways of dealing with life’s stresses and disappointments.

4 – Rehab Is Too Expensive For Average People

At Warner Park Recovery, we’re here to help individuals and families by providing exceptional addiction treatment options. We’re a dual diagnosis (mental health combined with substance abuse treatment) program that offers partial day, intensive outpatient, and traditional outpatient levels of care. We regularly treat patients from the Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Topanga Canyon, The Valley, and Thousand Oaks areas. If you are looking for help with addiction treatment, please give us a call to learn more about our professional services!

Choose Warner Park Recovery For Your Rehab Treatment

Fears about the costs of rehab can often discourage people from getting treatment. However, you can find a broad range of price points in drug rehab costs, from the high-end celebrity facilities to treatment centers that average people can afford. Many facilities can provide payment through Medicaid or Medicare. Your health insurance may cover substance abuse treatment. If you have gotten your health insurance through the ACA, insurance is required to cover substance abuse treatment. If you do not have insurance, treatment centers will help to create a payment plan to help you get the help you need. Getting help is doable, and facilities will work with you to find ways to afford your treatment.

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