SARIT ROGERS, RYT, SEPGroup Facilitator

    Sarit is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Trauma Informed Yoga teacher, group facilitator, accomplished photographer and published writer. Somatic Experiencing™ is a body-oriented approach to healing trauma and other stress disorders. Somatic Experiencing was created as a result of work studying animal behavior, psychology, neuroscience, stress physiology, medical science, and indigenous practices. Sarit has also been teaching yoga to incarcerated and underserved populations since 2014, some of which include Eastlake Juvenile Hall, California Institution for Women, Twin Towers Correctional Facility, and California State Prison, Lancaster. Sarit also works with adolescents in treatment, facilitating groups, teaching trauma-informed yoga and providing individual SE sessions.

    Sarit’s group facilitation focuses on providing psycho-education about the nervous system, healthy shame vs toxic shame, polyvagal theory as it relates to internal safety, techniques for grounding, resourcing, and centering, and helping clients access self-regulation tools to use in support of their recovery, such as learning the language of sensation, and how to build a broader capacity for recognizing their impulses and feelings, creating healthy boundaries, and learning to self-regulate while under stress. Sarit believes that conveying information about the nervous system, how it responds to trauma, indicators of what trauma looks like in the body and various ways in which it can manifest, helps clients gain a better understanding of their own internal experiences and provides skillful tools with which to manage their discomfort. Using experiential somatic based exercises, Sarit provides clients with opportunities to build mind/body awareness in order to learn to identify uncomfortable experiences while gently moving their attention toward healthy resources, using skillful self-regulation skills. Sarit approaches teaching and group facilitation from a place of compassion, kind awareness, tapping into her personal experiences with trauma and her own 25 years of recovery from addiction.

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